Gallery Stack not showing rows properly

Is anyone else having trouble with the Gallery stack? I’ve set it to show 3 images per row on Desktop, 2 images per row on Tablet and 1 image on mobile! but it just shows 1 row all the time! No matter what I do! I’ve looked for updates for Foundry, Rapidweaver, Gallery stack but I’m completely up to date with everything! Restarted everything and still got nowhere! Any ideas?

It’s possible you have the gallery inside a contain set to a width that dictates only one row is used, but without a URL to the page in question, it’s hard to help much further.

URL is

The container that the Gallery is in is set to 800! It always worked before!
I only updated the page description in SEO helper! republished all files and the Gallery looks weird with only 1 row!

What’s even more strange is that the Gallery is fine on one of the other pages!

What gallery are you using?

Possible to share the project so we can get a look at the settings?

EDIT: Guessing this is the page where the gallery is working as expected: Pride in Belper Online | Pride parties at home

First off, try copying the working gallery to the page with the not working gallery, see if it works or not. If it does, check the settings between the two. Failing that, it’s possible the broken gallery stack is just that, broken. Sometimes just removing it, and replacing with a new instance of the gallery stack fixes things.

I’m on my phone right now but if you share your project file with us I can look at it when I get into the office later or someone else can have a look if they get to it before then.

I think I may have sorted it!
I’ve been using the SEO Helper stack! which was where I updated the page description from!
I’ve taken that stack out and the Gallery works perfectly again!
It’s probably easier to just not use the SEO Helper stack for this project as there’s nothing wrong with it when that stack is removed!

Happy days. I’ve not used any of the many SEO stacks, but I have seen lots of them, and mostly they seem a bit pointless as they just repeat what is already perfectly doable within RW. So doubt you’ll lose anything by not using one.

I don’t often use the SEO stacks either! But I always struggle with SEO and what works best! So I thought I would throw everything at this project! Thanks for your help though it’s much appreciated.