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I still use your old Gallery-theme and it’s the only one from all the themes out there that I find best suited for me, because it has a very good menu in the sidebar. It always shows all pages inside a certain subpage level. A user never has to click a menu-icon somewhere to open it.

Now I was wondering if you at Elixir have ever thought about making it a responsive theme.
If so, that would save me a lot of time, otherwise I will have to do it myself.

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Marc Vos

Good morning @MrMacvos

The Gallery stack is not going to be transformed into a responsive theme. It would require rewriting it from the ground up, for the most part. Additionally that theme has been retired for quite a long time now. Sorry, I know that isn’t what you’d hoped for. That said, if you have the inclination you could pick up Foundry and its addons. You can build whatever layout you like using it.

Curious… do you have a visual of how the Gallery theme looks like? As Adam said, perhaps it could be recreated with Foundry

Here’s a link to the old Gallery preview site. It hasn’t been maintained, so if something seems broken I apologize. It has been a long time since this theme was made and was retired.

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Thanks for getting back. No, the menu in Foundry isn’t behaving as I’d like.
In that case, I’ll be coding Gallery to my needs myself.

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