Generic avatars abound

As I was doing some forum maintenance today I noticed that a lot of people don’t have avatars for their accounts. I wasn’t sure if people just didn’t want to use one, or if you might not be aware you could change it and provide your own.

It is pretty easy to do overall. First start by clicking on the avatar at the top right-hand side of the page:

After doing that you’ll get a drop down menu. In that menu it will list your activity, etc on the forum, but it also has a little user icon in the top right corner of the dropdown, like so… click it:

This lets you access all of your preferences and settings. From here click on the Preferences option:

This gives you access to all of your settings for the forum, including the ability to edit your profile avatar:

Just wanted to point this out in the event it wasn’t clear that you could customize your avatar or that it was overlooked.