Glide index page

Hi can anyone help with the problem on this site
you will see as you select an item on the left index the heading for the item is hidden how can this be lined up?

Hi @iMediaNamibia welcome.

You could do some padding or margin on the headings elements on the page so that the heading get’s pulled down a bit more?

Hi yes I tried that and it helps slightly but even at max settings it wont line up correctly, strange problem.

Can you share via private message your project file so that I can take a look? I have to go out for a few hours but will check it once I return.

Sure let me have your email will send. A

You just need to click my name and choose Message from the popup.

Hi been trying to send the rw8 file but it won’t accept?

Ok, just sent you a message with my email.

OK on its way with WeTransfer.

Hi @iMediaNamibia

Just checked your project, can you please move your headings inside the Glide Nav Sections and try?
You only have the first header inside the top Glide Nav Sections the other’s are outside and so they get cropped from the viewport.

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Thank you very much works like a charm. A

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