Glide Nav Item Area not scrolling with page

As I scroll down my page in Preview. I am losing Glide’s Nav Items, whereas on Glide’s documentation page the items remain in view at the top of the page.

Obviously I am using the wrong setting, but don’t know where to look to fix it.

Thanks in anticipation.


@Phloque - Can you send along your project file so I can have a look at it? Zip it up and use something like Dropbox, or the like to send it over. You can post it here, or if you rather email it to me at: adam at elixirgraphics dot com

Just shot you a reply back, but wanted to post it here as well in case this comes up for anyone else as well…

It seems to have something to do with the original page itself. Something seems wonky. I don’t know if it is something in that original content that got pulled over, or the page itself, but something is definitely amiss.

The stacks themselves seem to be working ok. And if I delete the Glide stack from the “Christmas” page and copy over the one from the “Untitled” page it works fine.

I’m not seeing any errors being thrown in the web inspector either. My only guess, unfortunately, is that is has something to do with the content being pulled over from the other project file or something with that particular content that was pulled over.

I’m struggling to find something really wrong with HTML, javascript, CSS, etc, but I can’t speak for the page itself as far as Stacks goes.

If you’re building a new site anyway, you might want to just start with fresh content instead of dragging over pages. Might save you the headache of oddities like this. Just my 2 cents.

ADDENDUM: I did find that you had custom javascript in the HEAD tab in the Page Inspector, but after removing it the problem still persists.

Just some follow up Adam.
I needed to keep working on the conversion of my existing RW project to Foundry one page at a time rather than starting a completely new project.
So instead of converting one of the project’s existing pages to Foundry I created a new Foundry page and copied and pasted content from the non-Foundry page.
Glide stack works fine now
All the best

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Yeah, I think something was just gone bad in the project file. If you run into that again though please let me know.

The problem came up again in a completely new project.
Glide navigation stopped scrolling as soon as I added a fixed widtrh container to a glide nav section.
Fluid width container is fine, but a fixed width - of any width - container causes the problem to reappear.

Slightly confused. Is it resolved or is this an active problem. If it is a problem please send me a copy of your project file that shows the problem and I will have a look at it.

Really just a comment to an old thread - Glide Nav Item Area not scrolling with page - I started back in Sept 2016 and to which you posted several replies and which was never really resolved.
Recent recurrence of the problem, and more experimentation, prompted my post
I thought I was posting as a resolution to that thread, not starting a new topic.

…to which you posted several replies and which was never really resolved.

Sorry I just didn’t understand since the first word in your post today was Resolved, followed by what is, as you say in this latest post, a reoccurrence of your problem.

As I mentioned in my last post, if you send me a ZIP file containing your current project file and point me to the page on which you’re experiencing this problem, I will be more than happy to have a look at it and see where the problem lies and see if I can’t find a resolution for you.

Hello Adam
I got a bit obscure there - I guess I felt I had resolved the problem because I just don’t use fixed width containers in a glide section.
The attached file has Glide working because both the Containers are set to Fluid width.
Change either container to fixed width - any width as far as I have tried - and Glide stops working as it should - for me at least.

glide test (725.1 KB)

Thanks for sending that over! Took a look at your project file and I think I see the cause. I currently set the overflow property of the Container stack, and thus any parent stacks it is placed within, to be overflow: visible. This way things like a Drop Down at say the bottom of a Container would be shown and not cropped of. I think perhaps instead of making that the default behavior I can make it an option instead and document the reason for the feature in the Documentation pages.

Let me look at it a bit and consider it a bit more and see if that direction would be the best solution or not. I will try to get this fix into the next update.


Back again on this topic and in response to Adam’s reply of Feb 8 where he suggested he might have a look at my problem
Still trying to get a fixed-width container into Glide Nav sections, but as soon as I change a container from “Fluid” to “Fixed Width” Glide stops scrolling.
Perhaps this should be a different topic, but the reason I want a fixed width container is that I like the look of the drop shadow effect, which I can’t get to appear in fluid width.

@Phloque I’ve not settled on how I want it to work. The above in the issue tracker as something to consider though still.

The fluid width Container will not show the drop shadow as the shadow is applied to the inner content. Since the inner content goes the full width of the outer div you will not see the shadow.

Using the Container stack to make a shadow is probably not the best way to approach things in this case, due to the Container’s role in Foundry and its need to set the overflow property the way it does. That being said I have an addon for Foundry that might contain something that would work for what you’re looking to do. I’ll try it out some Tuesday when I’m back in the office. Have some important family stuff that came up Friday, so I likely won’t be back in front of my computer in any meaningful way for the weekend.

Thanks Adam.
I’ve started to make my own Glide stack by using your excellent Scroll To stack.
With Sticky Content this lets me have a properly scrolling “Glide” stack with a drop shadow Container stack.
Probably a better solution for me for other reasons as well.
So unless it’s something you think it is a matter of general value, I wouldn’t pursue a solution.

That’s an interesting way to do it. Like I said, there’s something in the works that would work well to provide the drop shadow you want in this situation, and come with a smaller footprint on the page as well. Just hang in there as I get things wrapped up and work around some real world stuff that’s cropped up over the weekend.