Go Back link does not work


I’ve actived in Alloy the Go Back link for the full entry view. The button for Go Back is visible on the full entry page, but if click the button it goes not back … It goes to an not existing site on my homepage.

Any idea’s what missing? Thx


Do you have a link to your blog for us to look at?

Yes, please


You’ve named your blog page’s name one_shot_story.php instead of index.php

The default files loaded in a folder are index.html and index.php and when the browser is loading that folder, which is what the Go Back button is telling it to do, it can’t load anything because you’ve not named your file correctly. It is best to make the filename index for all pages. This is best practice in web design. Fix this on all of your pages and then do a Republish All Files from RapidWeaver. Clear your cache and then visit your blog at http://www.aperture4nature.de/rw/blog and you’ll see it automatically loads the index file.

Also if you visit http://www.aperture4nature.de/rw/blog right now you’ll get the same problem you’re getting with the go back button, because the browser does not see an index file to load.