Google Chrome Load Issue | Desktop | 2 Column Stack Not Loading Correctly

Hello - I have recently noticed that a 2 column Foundry stack which I have assigned as a photo gallery has recently stopped loading correctly in the desktop version of Google Chrome (v77.0.3865.90) - however this loading issue is not there when I load the page into either Safari, Edge or Firefox browsers. Nor is it there when I load the page in Google Chrome for ios. I’m using Nic Cates Photo Base 1.3.2. in one column and the Card stack on the other column. Any idea’s or thoughts would be gratefully appreciated. Justin . See Example page here

Happy Sunday @DinkyPixel – I’m seeing a problem in corner cases with your page, but only in specific situations. I suspect you’ve got something wrong in your project file. If you’d like to provide that to me I can check it out tomorrow when I’m back in the office. Send it to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

If it is over 5mb in size, please send it using a service like Dropbox. Also, if you’re using any non-Foundry stacks on the page I will need those in the ZIP file as well for testing.

Hey there @DinkyPixel – I just replied to your email with my findings. It seems to be related to your font usage. I’ve provided some steps you in my reply email.