Google Font not displaying on iOS and some browsers (not clear formatting issue)

Hello and thanks for reading this!

I looked at the post “Google Font on iOS devices” but the text being pasted as plain text, unfortunately, did not solve the issue for me.

web site is :
Font should be Poppins - have also tried Poppins Light.

Everything looks fine in RW for the font. It also seems to be fine in browser on Chrome and Firefox. Not working in Safari browser.

(and yes :flushed: I know I have some weird choices in using images but I was having trouble anchoring text in an image and took a short cut until I can figure it out! Sorry for using the old foundry too)

Appreciate the help!
from chilly Canada,

Google does not have a font with the title “Poppins Light.”

Be sure you’re using a valid Google Fonts identifier in the Typeface stack. Go back and watch the Typeface tutorial videos on the documentation page. These videos walk you through how to properly use the stack to use and assign Google fonts.

oh wow, so I have built a bunch of sites and did not realize I needed the Typeface stack (the stack was super intuitive) and was only using the foundry control center for fonts.

Thank you - sorry for what turned out to be a basic question.