Google Workspace Emaiil + Form Pro

I am using a Google Workspace email with Form Pro at Contact | HD Petroleum Evaluations. When I try to submit the form I get an error saying Mailer Error: SMTP connect() failed. Troubleshooting · PHPMailer/PHPMailer Wiki · GitHub. I think I have PHP Mailer enabled with my host. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

The error is related to your SMTP server setup. Either your configuration information is not correct or your SMTP server is unable to connect because it is refusing the connection or is down currently. You’ll want to consult with your host regarding the SMTP server to make sure you’ve configured it to match their setup. I’ve never used Google’s Workspace Email, so I’m not familiar with their SMTP server and what they allow or don’t allow. My guess is they don’t allow it to be used for forms. Does your site’s host not have email and an SMTP server included with your plan?

I was able to get the form working after enabling less secure apps in my admin settings. It looks like this solution will be short-lived as that option is disappearing in May. For now, it is working and then I will have to figure something out soon.

This is a problem I’ve encountered before.

A simple solution for the time being (until a way to use Workspace with contact forms arises) is to use an intermediate email address with your webhosting provider that’s in the same domain as your site (for instance:, then setup a rule that forwards all the mail it receives to your GMail workspace account.



Thanks, Erwin - I tried setting up info@hd with my host today ( and everything seemed to be working because the form was submitting successfully but I was not receiving any emails. Unfortunately, because I am directly billing my Google workspace account with Google, I was told the MX records for all email addresses needed to be the same. They said if my workspace account was billed through them then they could set them up separately. For now, everything is working.