Great site building with Foundry

If you haven’t seen this elsewhere, @habitualshaker (Shaking the Habitual) created the Apple Mac Mini site totally with Foundry.



Yes - but I wish the Foundry stacks would animate on mobile. 68% of the internet comes from mobile in Germany. And the phones are really powerful today. BWD stacks allow this, but I love the Foundry stacks :slight_smile:


Thanks @MisterB. I should point out it is not the Apple Mac mini site :wink: but rather a copy it (or rather a copy of a copy of it!). More of the background is here for anyone interested.

And yes - all done in Foundry. Mainly just the core stacks but I also used Overlap (from Potion Pack) and Reveal Pro (from Thunder).

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Looks really cool @habitualshaker! Well done. You should build some pre-built project files based on your own designs for sale. :slight_smile:


We’ll have to disagree here – for now at least. :slight_smile:

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@elixirgraphics On what exactly do you disagree?

@habitualshaker Wow, indeed great site building

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That the animations should occur on mobile devices, as @Fuellemann mentioned here, to which I was responding:

Hi guys,
can anybody explain how to get Flags into the navbar like @habitualshaker has the “BuyButton” in his mockup (great piece of work) site… ?
I didn’t find a way in Foundry to do this - But maybe I can’t see the forest for the trees.


The button in the Nav Bar? There is a setting in Mega Menu stack settings to add a button.

That recreation of the mac mini site is just ridiculous (in a crazy good way).

I also didn’t know mallow was the shakingthehabitual guy/gal. I love your stacks! :slight_smile:


How to get the Button is clear, what I need to know, how to get flags (images) in there.
I made it with RWML Switch (RapidWeaverMultiLingual by Will Woodgate - Stacks4Stacks)
and want them to appear in the Menue. Working as a language switcher. Best would be kind of a dropzone.

Thanks @Bioguy. Yes - 'tis I :slight_smile: (will see if I can update my profile to suit)

Also, rumour has it that the project file for the Foundry version of the Mac Mini site can be gotten over here :wink:

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Thanks I’ll go there… :wink:

I’m not sure if this is exactly what you mean, but emojis have flags of most countries. Command-Control-Spacebar brings up the emoji viewer and you can just use them as you would text. I added one as a MegaMenu link as an example in a MegaMenu I’ve been using in this .gif.