GRID - no spacing option?

I am looking at the GRID stack of the new Potion collection - I don’t see an option to modify the space between the rows and columns. In the tutorial the pictures are spaced too far apart for my taste. Am I missing something or is this not possible (yet)?

I’d love to replace the 3rd party grid stack on my site with this new grid stack that was written for foundry, but only if I can achieve the same look:


That is not an option of the Grid stack. That being said, if you have a stack that is meeting your needs, and it is already set up the way you like, why make more work for yourself? Foundry supports many 3rd-party stacks.

Addendum: The Grid stack uses the same spacing as the Columns stack, this allows things to remain visually uniform.

Good point. I will keep using the 3rd party stack.

You are right about the column stack and how it allows things to stay uniform. I would agree with you when you use text in your grid stack that you want to line that up with columns on the same page. But a grid of photos simply doesn’t look good with so much white in between. And yes, these photo grids are mostly used for creative portfolios. And in those cases they would rarely be combined or expected to line up with a column stack.

Just food for thought for future updates.