Group and Hold Stacks

Hi Adam,

I see a Hold and a Group stack appear. I could not find information in the documentation, what do they do?


Hi there @Fuellemann

Group is definitely new with this update, but Hold has been a part of Foundry since October 2016. There are documentation pages for both stacks on the Foundry site, which you can get to here:

Hold stack:
Group stack: Group Documentation

Hold essentially allows you to drop content into it that you wish to keep on the page but that you do not want to be published.

Group is in response to a trend I’ve seen from users over time. I find users have been using the Container stack to group elements of the page together, but are doing so in a way where they’re not actually using any of the Container stack’s settings. They’re doing this just to make arranging elements on the page easier as you can drag just the Container stack, which is wrapped around a bunch of other items, around on the page and move several items at once.

The added value in the Group stack is that you can set a custom color for the stack’s border, as well as give the stack a custom label and icon (for when you the the Collapse Content In Edit Mode feature). These things help you to organize and color code page elements for reference. Group also includes a notes section that allows you to take notes on what the contents of the group are for, or do. These notes do not get published.

Hope that helps, and hope you find both useful!


By the way, my favorite part of the stack, besides grouping elements together, is the awesome custom color borders. :star_struck:


Very useful stack. Yes indeed :+1: instead of using the Container stack for that purpose. Thanks Adam

Definitely. One should not be using the Container stack for that purpose.

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I use it to group the Foundry stack and the Typeface Stack together and creat a partial out of it.

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