Group Content Not Visible

I just re-watched the Group video tutorial and sizing of the Group stack was not mentioned. I have two groups within a two column stack and the new contents of one of the group stacks has vanished when Previewed.

How to I fix this?


Group only functions in Edit Mode. It has no effect over preview mode or published pages. You’ll need to share your project file with us as a download link here for us to help further as without seeing what you’ve built it is hard to help.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Here’s a link to the site:

and here’s a grab of Edit mode:

The text within Karen Perez’s Group stack is not even showing in Edit mode.


I can’t tell much from screenshots. That is why I requested a copy of the project file to look at so I can dig through your settings.

How do I upload the RW8 file?

I tried the Upload button and that did not work.


Upload your ZIP file to a service like WeTransfer and provide the download link here.

It is the evening here so I likely can’t look at it tonight. May be tomorrow before I can take a look or perhaps someone else here might beat me to it.

OK, I was just now trying to add the file to dropbox, but I’ll take a look at WeTransfer.


Either works. Your preference.

I hope this works:

You’ve set that Group to be hidden at the Desktop Breakpoint. Also, you seem to have made the text for Karen black. Likely because you copied and pasted the text without using Paste as Plain Text.

Thanks for the feedback.

I must have made all of those tweaks because I made everything visible again last night. You are right about the black text.

One thing I do not understand is why the Karen Perez group vanished after simply inserting her new bio text? That must be because it was set to hidden, not sure why I would do that because it was visible before I added the bio text?

I am now trying to ‘contain’ the Noland group from spreading from page-edge to page-edge even though his Group has quite a bit of left/right margin/padding.

I appreciate your help. I have much to learn about Foundry.

You want to use the Container stack for this.

Got it. I appreciate your help.


Using a Container stack was a perfect fix for the Noland Group.

Thanks so much for your help.

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Not a problem. Glad to help. If you have time there’s a lot of bite-sized (for the most part) tutorials on the Foundry site, both on the Tutorials page and the individual documentation pages. These are a big help to many starting off with Foundry.

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You might call them ‘bite-sized’, but they’re pure gold to me.

I have had the Documents page book-marked and refer to it often. Foundry is - to me - a massive app and it takes a lot of learning, AKA ‘making AND correcting mistakes’, to work seamlessly with it. That said, a person must watch and re-watch your tutorials to gain proficiency.

If it were not for Foundry, I would not be using RW again. That’s a fact.

Thanks again.

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Thanks for your kind words. Very thoughtful of you. There’s a lot more planned for Foundry in the future. :+1::+1:

You deserve the very best for developing Foundry. I sincerely hope you are enjoying the financial fruits of your hard labor in bringing Foundry to life.

If I may make a suggestion for the Foundry future …
One type of stack that I believe is missing in the RW world is a vibrant (full-featured) database - MariaDB, mySQL, etc. stack. The Kuler stack is no longer supported and the Datably stack rep told me it would not accept sensor data interactively. There may be others, but most of that knowledge came from the RW forum.

I am, of course, more than a little biased, becuase the site you have helped me with is going to be fed sensor data from microcontrollers which I have built. This is why I asked if the Potion Pack Circle Progress stack was an interactive stack a while back.

Just a suggestion. Sorry for taking your time with this.

Thanks again.

I do not like databases. They and I do not get along. This is one of the many reasons Alloy does not use a database, but is instead a flat-file system. I am not the person for the stack you’re looking for. I am sorry.

No problem. :grinning:

I’m not fond of databases myself, but, in this case, I have no choice but to learn as much as I can about them to make the sensor data ‘visible’ so it can be analyzed by those interested.

Take care.