Guidance with a layout

Was wondering if anyone here might be willing to assist with a layout I am having trouble figuring out.

I’ve tried several methods with containers and columns all to no avail. I’m sure it’s something straightforward, but I’m not getting it going.

I would really appreciate any nudge in the right direction. I’ve added a screenshot of the mockup I’m trying to accomplish with RW and Foundry.

Thank you.

Hi, i would try to set up the layout like this:

Place the 3 columns within a container stack. Select the customize columns option and set the middle column to be the larger of the columns. A setting of 3 for the 1st column and 3rd column and 6 for the 2nd column.

I didn’t use it, but if you need a subtitle within a divider, you can use the divider stack with the “solid with label” option enabled and adjust the settings to your liking.


Thank you so much. I really appreciate the help. I will work with this.


:+1:, If you need the the rapidweaver file let me know

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