Having an issue with foundry and the HIVE theme

Hi Folks,

When I add the foundry control center to a stacks page using the HIVE theme, the content area is shifted to the left. See the attached image.

Anyone else have this happening, hopefully it will be easy to fix, I just need some help pointing me in the right direction.


You need to use the Foundry theme with Foundry stacks. It won’t work with any other themes. Essentially the Foundry theme is a kind of blank theme that allows you to build up your own look.

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Ok that is good to know. Thank you much!


Give the Quick Start page in the Foundry documentation a look. The videos there will get you acquainted with how Foundry works.

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Will do, Thanks Adam!


Hi Adam,

oops! RTFM Ken!

  • IMPORTANT: You must use the Foundry theme for your project. You cannot use Foundry inside of other themes. This is because the Foundry theme includes some of the necessary code for the Foundry framework.

On the right track now!

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