Having trouble installing Foundry 3

I just bought it. Sadly, I learned that it is not compatible with F2 AFTER I bought it. Poor marketing.

In any event I read the installation instructions and watch the video to no avail, i.e., still not able to install it. In the instructions it says, “Drag these items onto the app icon in your Mac’s Dock and the app will do the rest, installing them in the correct locations. That’s all there is to it.” I looked all over my Dock for an “App Icon” without success. I finally figured out that what you meant to say (I think) is to drag and drop it over the RW app icon. OK, tried that, but no go. Open RW Classic, and like it shows in the video I do a search for F3, which should present all the F3 stacks; crickets.

So, now that I have it, what do I have to do differently to get it working in RW Classic? Thanks.

That is not a very accurate statement. First of all you’re on this forum and there is an FAQ pinned. Plus, there is an FAQ on the Foundry website.


They both clearly state that F3 is not compatible with F2 in any way. The marketing copy states this is a from scratch rebuild as well using Bootstrap 5.

The DMG file you received, once you unzip it just double click the F3 stack and theme. Rapidweaver will launch prompting you to install it. Then you need to restart Rapidweaver. I have RW 9 (classic) and it works as intended.

Do you have your add ons folder in the cloud by chance?

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The full week and a half leading up to Foundry’s release included a slew of blog posts about Foundry. One of the very firth things I addressed it that they were not backwards compatible. In addition the FAQ, viewable before purchase, has very large section devoted to this topic as well. In addition the FAQ here on the forum, which is a pinned post and titled “Read Me: Foundry 3 Frequently Asked Questions,” also addresses this same question of backwards compatibility. Additionally you know I answer questions here on the forum constantly @NeilMike and that you can always ask me pre-sales questions here and via email.

As for installation –

After opening the DMG file, you open the folder labeled Foundry. This Folder contains both the Foundry theme and the Foundry .stack files. These are both going to be what you need to install in RapidWeaver. You can do it one of two ways –

(1) Drag and drop them onto the RapidWeaver Icon in your Dock on your Mac. This is the method I prefer as it targets a specific version of RapidWeaver – the one you’re dropping the files onto. This is the method I show in the installation video. If you don’t have RapidWeaver in your Dock then drag and drop them on your RapidWeaver icon wherever it is located on your computer.

(2) Double-click the Foundry theme and RapidWeaver will launch and install it. You can then do the same to the Foundry .stack file as well. This method is less reliable as you may have two versions of RapidWeaver installed on your Mac. This method installs into whatever version happens yo launch and is less targetable.

These install instructions are the same for all Stacks and RapidWeaver addons. Nothing is special or different about the Foundry install process. If you have a particular way you prefer to install RapidWeaver addons use that method.

If you’re having trouble installing beyond this you’ll need to reach out to Realmac as it would seem you’re having problems with the app itself, as the app is the thing which handles the entire install process. Foundry, nor Stacks, have control over the install. The RapidWeaver app itself handles all of that. If you need the support email address for RapidWeaver please let me know and I’d be glad to post it for you.

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OK, my bad on the purchase.

I had actually installed it via double-clicking before I wrote in, but when I opened a new project and put F3 in the search, the F3 stacks did not show up. Anyhow, that part is over and now the F3 stacks do show up.

I’m not sure about the Extras, though. Double-click opens to the attached files showing on the attached image. Am I to double-click each of those files to get them into RW?

Also, I do not know what you mean when you ask, “Do you have your add ons folder in the cloud by chance?”? I think they are inside of RW, are they not?
Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 5.23.10 PM

If you look in those folders you’ll see they’re simply RapidWeaver projects. You can open them just like you open any other project file in RapidWeaver.

Aha, so they don’t integrate into RW like F3 does.

Thanks for your help.

it is an advanced option for Rapidweaver if you have multiple Macs with installs of Rapidweaver. It keeps things “synced”. In your case it is a non-issue. It can cause issues.

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Good to know. Thanks.