Header - Force Secondary Text into a new line

Hi, is there a way to force the secondary text into a new line? Or do I have to use two headers beneath each other to do so?

I believe the secondary text is inline only. Need to add an additional header stack under it.

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Do you want to a break a single line into two lines? < br> will do that:

The is a test < br> a real test (omit the space before the br)

This is a test
A real test


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While @garageshop is right, a <br /> will do what you want, but that has you needing to insert code into the Header and in the future remember that that code is there (since you won’t see it unless you’re editing the header). My suggestion would be to do what @Steve_J mentioned earlier, using two header stacks.

Place one on top of the other, like so, having the bottom one with a Muted style and removing the base margin from the top one:

This would be the output:

This keeps you from having to insert code at all and yields the same results. The Secondary Header in the Header stack is for inline headers.

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