Header Stack H2 problems

Coincidence or not, since installing Foundry Version I cannot get H2 Foundry Headers to Preview or Publish as they should. In Edit mode the font size shows as it should as set by the Control Panel, but in Preview and Publish it appears as standard text font size.
It works OK if I customise the font sizes in the Header Inspector, but obviously not something I want to do for each H2 stack.
It works as it should if I change the Header stack to H3 or H1. The problem returns as soon as I change the stack back to H2

Hey there @Phloque – I just created a new project file in RapidWeaver and dropped in the Control Center stack as well as the Header stack, set to be an H2 header and it seems to be working fine here. If you do the same, create a new project file and include the main Foundry Control Center stack and a Header stack, do you still get this problem?

If not it is likely something on your page somewhere that is causing the problem. You can troubleshoot by removing any custom code you may have added to the page, as well as removing a few stacks at a time until the problem clears up. Then you’ll have found your culprit.

I’ve just tested also and no problem seeing H2 in preview / publish. Would be useful to know what the “culprit” is once it’s figured out.

Thanks for the replies
Should have done some testing first - on other pages and on a new project.
Must be something to do with the page because the problem remains even when only Foundry Control Centre and a H2 stack is on the page.
Will rebuild the page.
I don’t know which stack (presumably a non-Foundry stack) caused the problem. The only thing I can think of is that I did use RW’s inbuilt text formatting tools to modify a generic Text Stack. Perhaps that did something to the text settings on the page even after I removed that Stack and before I placed some Foundry H2 stacks on the page.
Thanks again

PS to previous post.
As I think about it, I may very well have used RWs inbuilt HTML function to add a H2 tag to the contents of the text stack referred to.
I had removed this stack before adding Foundry’s H2
Bye again