Header Stack - Secondary text & border

I have a Foundry Header stack on my site (nested inside a Margin inside a Container), and see that the live preview shows a thin separation line (border), while the published site does not. The checkbox to enable it, at the bottom of the Page settings for the stack, is checked.

Also, the secondary text ends up on the same line as the header itself, is there anyway to make this appear below the header text?


Hi @Surf – If you’d like to provide a few things I can investigate what you’re seeing. I will need:

  • A ZIP file containing your project file
  • A link to the live page where you’re seeing this problem.
  • A screenshot of said problem.

These all help me in tracking down and seeing what you’re running into and figuring out if it is a bug or an implementation error.

Also, sorry I missed this in my first post – this is not a feature of the stack. The stack bases its usage of the sub headers off of how Bootstrap handles them.

Ok, no problemo. It still looks ok, just not exactly how I wanted. No biggie.

@Surf, you can just add a br tag at the beginning of the secondary text. This will force a line break.

<br>Secondary Text