Hello, Pt. Deux. The Son of Hello

My other hello thread got closed, it went off topic, so starting this one to continue the chatting.

Had a good play with Foundry this morning, knocked up a quickie site: Home | Bike Box

As you said @mitchellm, not much of a learning curve really as it all more or less follows the established parameters. Did notice some of the stack descriptions don’t appear to have been updated, and no tooltips! That was a surprise.

But overall, not a painful experience moving across.

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I know this is a rough draft, and just a start, but your home page seems somehow “cleaner” relative to what you were doing previously. Perhaps it’s my bad memory and I’m wrong. At any rate the page comes across very nicely. Great use of Vertical Nav for maintaining a clean look in the sidebar-ish area. Easy to get details using Vert Nav while maintaining a feel of simplicity.

Previously? As in my other sites?

I’ve had it in mind to build a template site based on the types of designs I was doing 5/10 years ago for a while now. This is it. I wanted to have fixed widths (scaling of course), sidebars, coloured backgrounds, margins top and bottom, and so on.

I find this design dated myself, but I have a few clients who prefer the more traditional feel, so if this ever sees the light of day, it’ll keep them happy :slight_smile:

I’m not sure we need “Hello” threads such as this here. The forum is meant for support questions and such. If you’d like critiques on your projects you’re building with Foundry that can be done in the Site Showcase sub-category.

Right. Understood. I had this crazy idea for a moment it was a forum. My bad.