Help - Bombarded with spam via form pro

Hi Nick!
Been using Form Pro for our contact form and getting tons and tons of form pro formatted spam… upwards of 50 a day. Human test/built in honeypot does not stop this so I’m looking for a way to stop or at least cut down the amount of spam. Any and all suggestions are most welcome!
Thanks in advance!

BTW: Love Foundry!

This is what I get when trying to visit your website in Chrome:

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 09.53.47

Same in Safari.


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Are you sure your e-mail address is not shown otherwise? Perhaps the SPAM is not coming from the form, but the mail address is just harvested from your site.

To check this, first, add a new Subject text to the Form:


Then check if the SPAM messages include the new subject text. If not, the SPAM does not come from the form.

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