Help required with SiteMap plugin page

Hi, I am developing a site for my own business ( . I am using everything Foundry for my website.

Now I want to include a sitemap for my site. I thought of using YourHead’s “Sitemap Plus” plugin that adds as a separate page in the website project. Now I can’t add any stacks to this page. When I preview the sitemap, it is pretty basic (a simple Freeview in blue colour).

How can I add some decoration like a Banner Image, or some Styled Text to this page and make this page look better (just like the rest of the site).

How can I make the SiteMap Tree look better (change the text font and colour) than what it looks like as normal (blue text with links)


Foundry is completely Stacks-based. Anything you want to use with Foundry needs to be able to go on a Stacks page. Sitemap Plus is a page style all its own, much like the Stacks plugin is a page style. Thus you cannot put Sitemap Plus on a Stacks page.

You could use Sitemap Plus to build your site’s underlying Sitemap and hide the page from navigation. This will build the sitemap that search engines look for, then for something visible to users you can use the Sitemap stack that comes in Foundry to build a list of pages within your Foundry page.

That said, I don’t know that a lot of users make use of a sitemap page nowadays, IMHO. So you’d probably be ok going without it.

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Thank you Adam for such a detailed reply. I will try to follow your guideline and see how it goes.