Help with Form Plus (iCloud SMTP)

Not sure what im doing wrong however I can’t get the forms plus stack to work.

I generated an app specific password but I haven’t been able to get it to work

My first question related to this is whether its possible to submit and test a form from within rapid weaver or do I have to upload to the server to submit the form? Ive only tried doing it through rapid weaver

I have also tried combinations of these settings and none work
app specfic password
port 587 and 465

I also tried with the “Send using your email address” box both checked and not checked

any help would be appreciated

Update: I figured out how to fix it.

Use TLS, port 587, check the box for send using your email and it has to be done from the server. can’t be done within rapid weaver


yes, it needs to be the email with the url of your server @yoururl.ext