Help with Form stack in Foundry v1

Hi guys,

I am having some issues with my form.
The form is all created but when I publish and fill the form out it just refreshes and doesn’t send.
Not sure if I have settings correct …
I have ‘send email using your email address’ ticked.

Also, how do I define email address in PHP mail script?


Good morning @DazFisher!

When using the “Send using your email address” feature you don’t need to edit any PHP scripts. The stack uses your Your Email address from the settings in the stack.

CleanShot 2020-03-25 at 08.37.44

This email address has to match the domain that your site is published to when using the “Send using your email address” feature.

So for example if your site’s URL is then you’d need to use an email address with that domain, like for it to properly work. Many hosts require this.

If you’ve done this, and are still not getting anything to either your inbox or spam folder, be sure to check that your host has the mail() function enabled for your PHP installation.

perfect, all working thanks, I had my standard email address in the box so changing it to domain email worked.

I don’t suppose there is anyway to format the email?
Specifically the message is coming through above all the details like name, email address, subject etc?

Hmmm… Not sure I follow. I just setup a brand new form and sent it and it comes through as it should, like so:

I understand having subject at top, but not the message body?

I don’t think I follow at all. The format you’re receiving it is the same format as the form is laid out, which to me seems logical. That said though, there is not a way to rearrange the content to display differently in the sent email. That would likely take building a templating system, which is a bit overkill for the function that a contact form provides.

sorry maybe not explaining myself properly.
In my screenshot, why is the body message displayed underneath Platt Utd ?

Everything above that light grey line is handled by your email application. The email content itself, which is what the form sends, is below that light grey line. I have zero control on how your email app displays or handles the stuff above that light grey line.

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