Hero banner scroll down button - customizable shape / size?

Is there a way to customize the shape of the scroll down button of a hero banner? The circle with the arrow looks nice, but a square with or without rounded edges or a larger arrow on its own would also be very nice.

Is there a way to do that or would that fall into the category of “feature request”?


I just discovered the Scroll to Top stack. That button is exactly what I had in mind - a square with rounded corners.

To keep the look of a page consistant, it would be great, if we had the option of giving the “Scroll Down Hero Banner button” the same shape as the Scroll to Top one.

Is there a way to do that with some custome CSS code maybe?


You can customize a lot of things if you want to write your own CSS. What you’re looking to do isn’t an option currently. I’ll look at it and see if it makes good sense to add it in though. If so it could be something to look forward to in a future version.

Also, I will say there is a Scroll To stack in development for Foundry that you might find even better once it releases.

The new “Scroll To” stack sounds exactly like the tool I am looking for. I hope it gets released soon. It would be extremely helpful.

It is in beta testing.

Could I test it as well?

I have a tight group of testers right now and wasn’t looking to add any more at this point. Nothing personal, promise, just don’t want to have a larger group right this second.

No worries. I am hoping for a release in the very near future, then. :slight_smile:

I don’t know that I would say it will be very soon. Lots of work to do. Still working out bugs and getting things all running smoothly with all the new stuff.