Hero Banner: Slideshow

Hi all.

What is the best way to add a Hero Slide Show to my site (A slide show whose height matches that of the browser)?

Thank you


That is not an option of any of the Foundry stacks at this time.

Thanks. Any third-party stack you could recommend?

I don’t have one I can recommend. Maybe someone else will have a good suggestion for one.

Do you want to add additionally Stacks on top of that slide show, like you are able with the Foundry Banner Stack?

One option may be Vegas by Doobox. I quickly set up a demo (using 3 images with text overlay) here:

However there’s a white border around it all (about 20 px) and I’m not sure why. (I’m very new to Foundry: probably user error).

You can see the Vegas stack with a regular theme here:

… but if there’s a way to get rid of the white outline then this would work great (I think) for your needs.

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No, not in this case. Thanks.

Great. I own Vegas and the KenBurns is a nice touch to it. I’ll give it a try…

If Vegas does not do the job, have a look at http://demo.instacks.com/gallerystack/foundry/
I am able to add some additional functionality to it if needed.

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… and if you or Adam find out how to solve the extra white space problem then let me know!

there’s also Impact by joe workman, but vegas should be good enough

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Cool. I have plans to incorporate something like a background slider into Foundry’s banner. Have been talking about it with beta testers a little. So it is on the todo list. :+1:


BTW my bad on the Vegas example. I put inside a banner stack banner stack and that created the white space issue. All corrected now. Vegas, plus Foundry menu (sticky) at bottom:


Looking really nice there @mitchellm!

Thank you very much. I am looking forward to use the original banner, as the “scroll to” button looks different with Vegas or any other stack. I stick to Vegas at the moment. But If there is a beta “Banner” stack available - can I please test it?


That would be a nice option to have the ability to use custom graphics (different types of scroll down arrows or a mouse icon, for example) for the scroll down arrow

@Fuellemann: There’s no beta. I haven’t begun work on that as of yet. I am working on getting several smaller projects knocked out, along with some bug fixes for Foundry. Once those are done I will focus on adding in some feature requests and such.

@Trump2016: I’ll add that to the feature requests as well.


Cool, I was just looking for that feature