Hero Banner with a rotating image

Is there a way of doing a Hero banner with a rotating image?
Something like at this site. https://www.internationallandscapephotographer.com

I can obviously get the hero banner using the Banner stack, and it looks great. But I can’t make the image rotate with this option, right? I can get the image to rotate in the banner area when I use the Slider stack instead of Banner, at the top of the page. But this can’t be a hero banner so it is smaller than the effect I am looking for.

In both of my A/B drafts described above, I have the nav bar paired at the top and sticky with a gradient background. It looks great. Just hoping for the best of both worlds on the image display.

Thanks for reading this, and your helpful suggestions.

Hi there @RangeWide – Sorry, what you’re looking to do is not a feature of the Banner stack. The Slider stack has Hero slides, but that is also probably not what you’re looking for at all.

You can mix in non-Foundry stacks, right? Do you think any other stacks might fit the bill and will plug in OK?

If not, I’ll use the slider stack. When you use it in fill mode it looks good on the desktop. Not so well on the phone, but that’s an OK compromise for now.

Consider it a feature request. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can definitely use non-Foundry stacks within your Foundry-based project. Most other 3rd-party stacks should work without a problem.

I don’t have a suggestion off the top of my head, but you should checkout the RapidWeaver Community site. It is a wonderful resource when searching for something specific.

A slider feature isn’t really something that I would likely add to the Banner stack. It would bloat that often used stack. Something like that would be better off as a separate stack of its own.

The Motion stack in the Potion Pack for Foundry may be something you may be interested in. It is close to what you are looking for.