HEX color value inconsistencies?

Searched but cannot see this being asked before. I am using dividers (as spacers) and, despite having exactly the same HEX colour, are showing up sometimes against a background of the same colour. Neither have any opacity adjustments. Doesn’t always happen. Am I missing something here please? It’s A6B1E1 divider within a banner, for example.

My first question would be how you went about setting the HEX color on the two individual items. Can you make a quick screen recording video to show us?

Next I would ask – why are you setting a divider to be the exact same color as the background?

Also, in the future please be sure to categorize your forum posts. I’ve updated this one for you.

@elixirgraphics hi, sorry am on a training course today.

Apologies, re which folder - will endeavour to file correctly in future.

I’ll admit, I use same-colour dividers as a lazy hack to put space at the top or bottom of a block. I know you can use Margins but, as I said, it’s lazy, and usually works.

I will go away and look up how to record my screen - never done that. And perhaps see if there’s a tutorial on cut off points, while I am at it.

Thanks again for a great product and even better support. Really very much appreciated.

It is better to do things properly. Invest some time in learning Margins and Padding and you’ll be much happier. Escpeially because they’re adjustable at each breakpoint. There’s no substitute.

Apple Tutorial: How to record the screen on your Mac - Apple Support

That said, you should use Margins and Padding. It is the correct tool.

Okay, thanks. I did admit I was being lazy :slight_smile: I have started using Margins.

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I found the same issue. I had to make sure that I chose generic and got a consistent result.

Hi @ChrisStayte thanks very much. I’ll try that.