Hide Scroll to Top stack on Mobile

on setting of the Scroll to Top stack I clicked the button to hide the stack on Mobile but still remains visible. Seems that three buttons Hide on Mobile, Table and Desktop not works.

Can anyone help me to hide the stack on the mobile?


The Scroll To Top stack is taken out of its original container and placed in a fixed container during page load. This is so that it can be placed in the fixed location and make sure that it is correctly placed in the DOM hierarchy so that it sits on top of other elements on the page. The “hide” settings you’re referring to get applied to the stack’s original container, of which the Scroll To Top stack is removed from during page load. This means the original parent stack is getting hidden, but the Scroll To Top stack is not, because it isn’t inside that parent stack any longer.

And is possible to hide it in another way?

No, sorry, that isn’t an option of the stack.