Hive Theme - Site Sub Header Text Size

Hello all,

Total newbie here so be gentle…

Is there any way I can reduce the font size of the Site Sub Header Text?

Mine is quite a few words and would still look good if it wasn’t so LARGE…

Hey there @NortieNeil and welcome to the community!

It would help if we could see the page in question. Since “Site Sub Header Text” isn’t a term that is used with themes or in RW I think it would help if you could share the URL with us and point out the specific text you’re referring to.

Hello - is that Adam?

I’m the guy who nearly gave up on the theme… found someone to do basic setup for me (on Fiverr) but then had to change loads of things anyway, so…

…is the site address.

I only called it Site Sub Header Text because it was the only configurable thing which changed the colour of the text - and it’s called (see image). My bad. Told you I was a newbie…

Anyway, on a desktop, it doesn’t look so bad - on a mobile, it’s far too big.

Yes, I know there are probably much bigger faux pas in the site design but I thought I’d start with this one…

Any help grateful appreciated.
Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 20.44.34

Not sure what you’re referring to here. Perhaps you’re talking about a different Adam?

First thing I notice when I go to that URL is that you’re not using the Hive theme. You’re using a theme named Kiki:

That’s probably why I didn’t recognize the terminology you used.

The Hive theme is a much different design than that used for your site. You can see the live preview for Hive here.


Looks like I’ve been scammed by the Fiverr guy.

Sorry to trouble you.

I’m a little unclear. You bought the Hive theme from someone else?

No, I bought it from you. See below.

I told you (and it was you) in email that I couldn’t work out how it came together, but because I love the theme, I still wanted my site to utilise it. However, I didn’t have the time to get to know it, but found someone who I paid to set it up for me. It turns out that he didn’t know what he was doing, and didn’t use your theme at all.

I have changed the site now so it does use Hive, but still has a lot of work I have to do on it.

I’d like the images to work in-line with the text, no matter what size the content is. I think Columnist stack will work better for me, rather than the standard included stacks, but will need to look at it further.

You made it seem like you talked to me on Fiverr in your original reply. That is why I was confused. Sorry the person on Fiverr didn’t do what you requested. Web design is quite expensive normally — for a reason — so I was quite surprised when you mentioned it as the source of the help you sought out.