Horizontal Bulleted List?

I am looking for a horizontal bulleted list to label wide product images. I’ve achieved this by using Linked List in horizontal mode to create labels which display very nicely in desktop, tablet and mobile - as shown in this image

The only problem (and not a major one of course) is that being a linked list, hovering over an item (which users are not likely to do anyway) produces the link effect even when no link has been set.

I have played around with Columns which allows the offsets I need to get the right effect on tablets, but Columns goes to a max of four, and it’s hard to get the alignment ands spacing of different length contents looking just right .

Quite prepared to live with this tiny irritant because the look is what I want, but of course if anyone knows a neat solution - preferably from Foundry - I’d love to know about it.

This might be a doable feature. It would get rid of the bullet points though. Not sure if that is a problem or not. I’ll add it as a possible feature request.


Thanks Adam. The “bullet points” I use in the Linked List Stack are just good old option-asterisk so I should be able to retain them in your solution.