Horizontal not the same high

Hello, one of my website, i used first container, vertical center, 2 collums, in the column a header, paragraph and a buttton, the horizontal line on a ipad is not the same of the colums. What is do wrong?
Best regards, Ribse
Yo can see it here It is just above the footer.

Hi Ribse. The fact is the max width you set for the page. Even if it’s a responsive design, try to see the page in portrait and in landscape. The same page is shown in 2 different ways. Even the iMac in portrait is splitted in 2 and in landscape is shown correctly. The 2 “gray bands” follow the same error.
Try to fix the max width 960 and see what happen on iPad. I can be wrong

Hello Argennos, it was a problem with the grey buttons. I changed the margin top and now it’s ok.