Horizontal Scrollbar?

Hi guys,

can anyone enlighten me, why there’s a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of Safari, when I view my page? Here’s the > link <


If you post up a ZIP file containing your project file I’d be glad to have a look come Monday when I’m back in the office.

Sent you a PM with the zipped project file. The scrollbar is always there, no matter the window size. I just tried and added a blank stacks page. There’s the scrollbar already. Didn’t happen to me before…

Here’s 2 screenshots of what I see when I swipe the content of the page to the left or right. Somehow I suspect the navbar to cause the issue. No idea thought if it’s a setting I did wrong, or another issue.

As soon as I remove it however, the horizontal scrollbar goes away.


So, I remade the site, actually just copying and pasting the stacks over and it looks fine now. I removed a few containers that where nestled one in the other (no idea it that caused it though)… and it looks good now.

I’d still like to know what the issue was.


You seem to have had an unnecessary Container stack in there that was just set to 100% width that was doing nothing more than holding some stacks you wanted grouped together. The problem came from what looks like a combination of the way you had things nested within one another as well as at the same time having the “Remove Left & Right Padding” feature enabled for one of those Container stacks.

If you just need to group some elements together and are not really making use of the Container stack’s settings I always encourage people to use the 1 Column stack that comes built-in to Stacks for that. It is the exact purpose for which that particular stack is designed. :+1:

Glad you got it all sorted out though and are up and running again.

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Adam, thanks a lot.

Yes, I got it sorted out and removed some of the unnecessary container stacks. Found out that the problem was somewhere in the footer partial. Thanks for checking and clearing things up. Very helpful support!