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I know that this might seem silly but - I would need the Hover Image with the option to have the Header and caption in view all the time. I like this stack very much, but now a customer tells me, his elderly website visitors will not actually use the mouse to move over the images. So I need the info to be in view all the time…

Or is there a stack which does this already?



Not a silly request at all. This would make the stack even more versatile.

As I need a solution today - have you an idea if there is a stack that will do this?

To answer: The free banner stack from stacks4stacks is great for this :slight_smile: BannerStack | Stacks4Stacks

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BWD SectionsBox was designed mainly to do that. Use SectionsPro for the image and then a SectionsBox to position the text and then you can animate just about any possibility of foreground, background, overlay, etc.


The Backdrop stack will work for this. You’ll need to drop in the margins stack for padding etc.


Jan: Another stack that might work for you is the Highlight stack:


Thanks, that one seems even better!

Like @Steve_J mentioned above, you can do this with Backdrop and a Margins stack currently. Here’s an example:

And its output:

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The beauty of simple, modular stacks. :slight_smile:


Does this work on all screensizes? Can you please send me this small sample?

Does this work on all screensizes?

Not sure what you mean. All of those stacks are responsive, if that is what you mean.

Can you please send me this small sample?

I did not save that example, but it is pretty straightforward to build. Just a Margins stacks inside a Backdrop stack. You’ll just set the padding and margins how you need them for your project, at each breakpoint.

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Here is an example I put together in a couple of minutes.


Just had a chance to sit back down at my desk. Built this simple example. I didn’t customize each breakpoint. But it should look nice at all breakpoints as-is: backdrop-example.zip • Droplr

Thanks! I have a close look on the weekend… :+1: