How can I Equalize Cards in the Columns & Grid tool stack?

hey all!

can anyone give me a hint how to i can i Equalize Cards in Columns & Grid tool stack?

i have been stuck here for some time now.



This has been answered. A simple search of the forum for your problem will give you the answer.


many thank you for our help @Steve_J

now a short question to @elixirgraphics

is it normal that 400 lines of script text are written into the source code when i am using the equalize stack?

get a full overview → view-source:

from line 901 till 1367

Not sure I am understanding your questions. Are you asking if comments in code is normal? If so, yes. If that’s not what you mean, then please elaborate.


exactly, the question was if it is right - that all this code is visible when i am using the F3 equalize tool.

I was wondering because you can’t see this code otherwise… only if you use the equalize tool.

In building Equalize I used a library for parts as to not reinvent the wheel. Those are code comments placed there by the author of the library used in Equalize. I do the same for code I write as well. I wrote the open course code for the Whimsy tool’s animations and I commented the heck out of that code, too. It is how authors document their code, as well as leave reminders, instructions, etc for themselves and others. They’re just code comments – literally nothing to bother over.


It is a comment. Not executable code. It has no bearing on the performance of the stack or a website. For gosh sake don’t go digging around into the libraries of your Mac. You’ll be appalled by what you will find. Maybe a white paper on bitcoin or something.