How do I change a roll-over color in Megamenu?

I did this before but as I returned to redo my Megamenu I can’t figure out how to change the color of an area where you roll-over the nav item. I changed the background of the bar it’s self and the text in the bar but I spent a half hour trying to remember which one you do to change the rollover background. I have been digging through the tech pages and can’t find it there either. The default background is this really light grey that makes the light nar bar text hard to read.

Have a look at the Navigation Items section of the Mega Menu documentation page. :wink:

This is a copy and paste of the parts having to do with color under the Navigation Items section. It’s not the first one since I don’t want to change text color. It looks like it’s the second but when I change the color in “Active Bkg:” the little box in the sidebar changes color to the dark green I want yet the rollover stays light grey.

  1. Navigation Item Text Colors
    Allows you to set the normal and active colors for your navigation bar’s text.

  2. Active Bkg Color
    You can choose to set a background color for the active navigation item.

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Oh it might have something to do with dark mode checkbox. I unchecked that box and things are starting to look like the right color. I am still not sure on the connection between those two things but it appears to be working now.

There are separate color pickers for Dark Mode.

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Okay I understand. I am not sure in my case if I would need to change the colors depending on a visitors dark mode settings. I already I have a different color Mega Menu for the different pages so I think for this project I will skip the further step of also using dark mode color variants. The most important thing to me as a dark mode user myself is to just not getting blasted with that pure white background when I visit a page.