How does google search list pages


New to RapidWeaver, I notice that folders are created and index.html files are created for each page of your website.
Pages seem to automatically be numbered i.e page-1, page-4, page-9 etc …
How does this work with listed pages on google search?
Do I see;


The names you’re seeing are the RW generated, default names. When you add a new page, RW creates unique folder names, so that you don’t end up with one page overwriting another. Treat these as placeholders that you need to customize.

You should be changing the folder names to be representative of the content on your page. This is done in the General Settings of each page. You access the folder and filename settings in the first pane of the Page Inspector, which is usually docked on the right side of your window.

Leave the filename as either “index.html” or “index.php”. The links to pages on your website will be your website address plus the folder name(s). RW will leave off the page name from the URL and let the web server provide the correct file. This is very standard and considered best practice these days.

Always use lowercase for the file and folder names. Most web server’s file systems are case sensitive. This means that a folder named “Page” and one named “page” are two completely different folders. Windows and OS X are case insensitive and would that those as the same folder. Save yourself any headaches later and stick with lowercase, as it makes things easier.

While in the page’s General Settings, set the Browser Title for that page, as well.


Great help thanks.
So just to clarify, if I change the browser title is this what is listed in google searches?

There is so much that goes into google search. A good web site structure is one of them. You’re on the right track there. Here is some more info.

The Realmac forums has more tips about this. Just do a search there.

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Someone pointed this out elsewhere. Very Helpful The Web Developer's SEO Cheat Sheet [2021] - Moz

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Sorry guys I have another question.
I have been through and renamed folders and pages to relevant names, however the home page folder is greyed out and says ‘my-page’ and doesn’t look like it can be changed, is this the case?

The home page never goes in a folder. It’s in the root of the domain. That’s why it’s grayed out. Sounds like you’re good.