How to Add a 'Badge' in the Nav Bar Pro Stack

Hello - does anyone know how @elixirgraphics managed to drop the ‘new’ badge into the drop down menu item on the following URL ?. Please also see attached a screenshot . Kind Regards | Justin

Screenshot 2021-03-05 at 17.57.26

Go here in the Foundry documentation and read about the <kbd> tag. The badge isn’t its intended use, but I used it here to highlight the template.


That’s really neat. Where does it pick up the background colour from Adam?

And can you point us anywhere to find other inline text elements we could use?

It is a preset color style in Bootstrap. I use an inline CSS to style the one in the menu dropdown.

The only other real inline text element that styles content is <mark></mark>, which is also covered on that documentation page. Likewise its styling is built-in to Bootstrap as well.