How to add alt tag to banner or background image

Hi all,

I’m using Foundry for a new site…and am struggling on how to add an alt tag to a background or banner image. The stack in question is Motion in the Foundry pack.

I know in the various image stacks most have an option to add an alt tag but if I have a banner or background image and the stack doesn’t have an option to add an alt tag how do I go about it please.

As always, advise and thoughts more than welcome.

Cheers Scott

Hey there @scottf – Images that are placed in the background of an HTML element do not get alt tags. This isn’t just standard practice, but instead there is literally not a way to do this. I assume you’re wanting to add alt tags to the background image for SEO purposes, but that is not necessary. Search engines are not looking for alt tags on these background images.


I’ll dig out this old topic if that’s ok.

I don’t quite understand about the background of an HTML element from your answer. Does that mean when an image is nested inside another element? But if I use an image stack inside a backdrop or banner stack, yes I can specify the tags normally.

And does it also mean that if I link a remote image in a backdrop stack, where I can specify tags, these tags are not used at all?

Regards, Matts

Images that are applied to a background, as with say the Background tool in Foundry 3 or Foundry 2’s Backdrop or Banner, are applied as a background-image within the CSS. CSS inserted background images cannot have, and do not need, an alt tag.

As I said in the post just above yours 4 years ago:

In the future it is best to start a new topic as opposed to replying to one 4 years old.

Ok, thank you for the explanation, Adam. I was not aware of that.

I still thought that you might not find this optimal :wink: On the other hand, the subject has just affected exactly my question.

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