How to align Images at different breakpoints?


I would appreciate a stack suggestion for aligning images differently at different breakpoint ?

Thank you


Hi @weeQtoo –

Have you taken a look at the documentation for the Image stack? If not, be sure to do so. It let’s you know that this feature is built-in to the Image stack.

As with other controls in the Stacks environment the Image stack uses “detail” controls. What’s a detail control? You’ve probably notice the small + button in the settings right there next to the word Alignment. This is called a detail toggle. Toggling it on shows a more detailed control view. This is where that button is found in the Image stack:

CleanShot 2021-03-15 at 17.03.37

Clicking on that icon reveals the granular alignment controls, like so:

CleanShot 2021-03-15 at 17.05.10

You’ll find Foundry has several instances of detailed controls that are revealed in this way throughout the framework and its addon packs.


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