How to create a "Partitions" page without using Partitions

For most of my pages I use Partitions.
But on one or two pages I feel I really need to use Vertical Tabs which won’t work with Partitions.
I can create something similar on desktop by setting up 2 columns and using one as a sidebar, containing sticky content.
But on mobile this looks very messy so I’d like the sidebar column to “disappear” and be replaced by a toggle and slideout, like it does in Partitions on mobile.
Is there some way of doing this in Foundry?

The Vertical Tabs stack should work just fine with Partitions. In fact I just did a test and it seems to work as expected. Here’s a really short example.


Thanks Adam
I was going by your response to my question in April Does vertical tab stack work in Partitions?
It’s the upward scrolling that seems to be the problem which means most of the content won’t be visible

What post are you referring to?

April 15/21 - “Does vertical tab stack work in Partitions?”

The difference in that post and your most recent post about this topic, above, is that you mention nothing about the “Scroll Upwards” feature and n this topic. You simply state that Vertical Tabs won’t work in Partitions, which isn’t true. The stack works within Partitions, it simply won’t scroll upwards of using that feature due to the way Partitions works.

Thanks Adam
Yes I see what you are getting at and now I’ve got vert tabs working for me without the scroll upwards function