How to create an internal link in Foundry 3

How to create an internal link in foundry 3?
For example, linking a “word“ in a text to a specific page on my website.

Hi @Jean you have an option on RW Classic to copy the path or URL.

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 09.34.05


Hi @Jean – As @egomade mentions, there is a tool built-in to RapidWeaver Classic (RW v9) that helps with this. We’ve got a video on this topic on the Paragraph tool’s documentation page if you’re interested.

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Thanks for quick reply. I failed to mention that I’m still using RW8. Can it be done in RW8?
Thanks in advance for the help.

@Jean There are likely better ways, but you can always go to the relevant page in the published website, copy link to relevant page, and then use that copied address to add the link to specified text.

… or just use the logic of the naming of your folders then relevant page. For example: is home. If your page is under the “umbrellas” folder and the page is named “silk-umbrellas” with index.html or index.php you know the name is:

Based on your reply I’m assuming the problem is getting the full link correct, not how to create a link at one specific word.

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