How to display the type of stack on edit mode

I just recently started learning how to use the Foundry stacks for Rapidweaver. As I have been watching some of the tutorials, I noticed that when I add a stack on edit mode, the name of the stack does not appear at the top as it does in the videos that I am watching. I am assuming there has to be a setting that would take care of this, but I can’t find it. Anyone has any suggestions? I am attaching 2 images, one that shows the stacks title (what I want), and one that does not show the stack titles (what I currently have). Thank you for the help.

Hey there @tveliz! That is controlled by Stacks itself. You can change between 3 different view modes. In Stacks you’ll want to look right here…

The View Mode you’re on is likely the middle one. The one you’re wanting is the one on the far right.

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