How to implement a container with a fixed part and a fainted part?

I am new and I still learn my way through learning and design my own site. … I’d like to define a container that appears as a box with two columns; The left one contains some text which appears always. The right column contains an image that appears fainted but only gets clear when I hover on it with the mouse. The whole container should link to a certain subpage when selected.Can anyone help telling me how to do that. (I have foundry the latest version). Thanks and regards.

Is there a web site (a link to the site) that you have seen that has an example of what you like to accomplish? This is so we are able to better understand what you would like to build.

Yes, there is an example for that. Please take a look at the webpage, the 9 boxes under the subheader: “More Plugins from Yourhead” near the bottom of the page.

There is a stack by Big White Duck that could be what you are looking for. It works well with Foundry. It is Sections Pro and you really need to watch the videos he has posted. It is a very powerful stack, but a little complicated to use for a novice user.

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Thanks Steve. I will take a look at the stack there. Glad I am getting help here.

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@Ebnelnil here is a project file that Andrew from BWD sent me as an example of what you might be looking to do.

Thanks Steve. The rKlck2 is a very good basis to start building my animated boxes. I see that some mechanism in the project is however still needed so that when I hover on the images they should change from blurred to solid images. I also have downloaded Sections Pro2 stack learning packet. However a guidance/ tutorial to a successful implementation of the functions is unfortunately not very clear, (knowing that it is really a great free initiative by the BWD owner) so that It is bit difficult for me as s startups (like me) to find my way through it. I also installed the Learn-Sections-2-Pro-Public into RW7, then it looked for Foundation theme then took the default Offroad theme. Does replacing Offroad with Foundry lead to any capability loss?

The best place to get answers to Big White Duck stacks is at Andrew has his own section devoted to his products. He is the best one to answer your questions.

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Replacing Offroad with Foundry does not lead to capability loss. Just the opposite: capability gains all over the place!

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BWD SectionsPro and SectionBox will absolutely do this and is the perfect solution to achieving this in Foundry. There is a huge resource of help on the BWD and many demo files. For demo project files to work in RapidWeaver, they must be made with a theme so it would be pretty much impossible and uneccessary for BWD to make a version with every theme. I use SectionsPro with Foundry and could’t imagine building a site without it and the BWD stuff works seamlessly with Foundry.

I use SectionsPro and SectionsBox in most of my Foundry Projects and you can see SectionsBox in action on my most recent Project11 at where the 6 boxes in a grid and the 3 in the footer are created with SectionsBox.

I see that Steve above has provided a project for you, and I would suggest digging into that and ask any questions you have on here. There are a lot of users here very familiar with BWD stacks and Foundry.

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Wow! Mojoco is really a very beautiful design. Thank you for this hint. My issue right now is that I’d like to startup with the SectionsPro and SectionsBox in a structured way and so I’d like to catch the red threads from their start side. I see lots of parameters on their inspector menus and don’t really exactly know what they exactly do. If I start with trial and error and changing in them, I would lose a lot of time and may end up in frustration. Some tutorials or videos about both may help me get 80% of my design tasks done in 20% of the time. I know that these powerful functions are free-to-get and making tutorials really need lot of efforts and work by their owner. Are any tutorials available somewhere? or am I thinking wrong?

Does replacing Offroad with Foundry lead to any capability loss?

The Foundry theme is required to use Foundry. Using any other theme with the Foundry stacks will lead to problems as that is not how the framework is built to work.

Yes there are videos and demo files the BWD site. You do have to invest some time to understand these tools. Your options would be to abandon the idea, or write a spec for a developer who will charge you a few $100 to write some custom code or invest some time learning how to use SectionsPro and SectionsBox and then do pretty much whatever you want.

There is already a demo file above so why not start with that and refer to the BWD site.