How to link text from one page in site to text in another page

I have the potion pack. I’m trying to set a link from a particular page in my site to a particular section/area on another page in my site.

I’m having trouble with that.

Help please :slight_smile:

Good morning @brenda

Have you checked out the Potion Pack Anchor stack? There’s a video on the documentation page to help you out: Anchor Documentation

Something to note as well – if you’re trying to test these, you cannot do so inside of RapidWeaver’s preview mode. You’d need to publish the site first and test them out in a browser.

Yes, I am trying to get the Potion Pack Anchor stack to work for me.

I need to link from a fairly simple page to a more complex page - the link needs to be to an accordion item that is within another accordion item. I’m wondering if that is the problem?

When I look at this in a browser using command/option/p - when I click on the linked button I get a page that says This Page Cannot Be Found

I’m doing something wrong

You can’t make an accordion open to a specific item using an anchor.

Also you should not place an accordion inside of another accordion.

Well I have done that and it has always worked.

If you look under the Boarding bar, you see that there are three more bars…
It’s been like this since 2019 and it works… soooo I guess I need to change this?

It is not recommended to nest complex items like sliders and accordions inside one another. It can cause you problems depending on the stacks. Additionally it complicates the interactions for your visitors. IMHO it is not a good experience for your visitors. Take that all as my suggestions. You’re welcome to follow or ignore them as you like.

I appreciate your wisdom! I am removing the accordion within accordion set up now.

This will add 2 more pages to my site, but it’s certainly doable and if it makes things work better, that’s great.

Can I set an anchor just above (not within) an accordion and use that to direct to the accordion?

I don’t want to create more work for you. If you’re happy with it and it is working for you, don’t let me stand in your way.

Yes, indeed.

@brenda Often a great way to set the link is to link to a header (H2, H3, H4, … whatever is appropriate) just above the accordion. This way it’s obvious to the user what’s going on as the header usually “announces” the content just below it. It’s not the only way to do things, but it’s certainly an approach that will make things easy for most users.