How to make an Iframe page responsive

I have to use iFrame code to one of my pages, but it seems to be non-responsive. Is there a way to make it responsive ?

update : The solution is the iFrame stack from Archetypon. It’s fully responsive :slight_smile:

There are ways to accomplish it, but iFrames are not naturally responsive. You have to make them responsive. Glad you found a stack that works for you to make your iFrame responsive. :+1:

Cant you post a link to that stack please? I couldn’t find it on the Archetypon site. Thanks. :slight_smile:

seems like the stack is ranged out. I bought it a (long) time ago. :confounded: Maybe you can drop them a mail …

The stack is responsive but the height is still a problem and in smaller screens you still have to scroll.

@elixirgraphics : any solution for that problem ?

No, I don’t offer anything for iFrames. Generally they are not good to use with responsive sites. I personally would steer clear of them.