How to send a project file?

I’m sorry if should know how to do this but I don’t. Can someone explain the steps to : SEND a project file.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Jean – The project file is the file that you open up when editing your website in RapidWeaver. Are you looking to email it to someone? You could do so by creating a ZIP file and attaching it to an email, but this is going to only work if your project file is small. Otherwise you’ll need to enlist the help of a service like DropBox or the like to send it.

If you have more details on what you’re wanting to do and how it relates to Foundry I can help you a bit further.

Step 1: Locate your project file.
Step 2: Right Click and select compress
Step 3: Open your webbrowser to
Step 4: Select the FREE version of wetransfer
Step 5: drag and drop the compressed file into the browser window of wetransfer
Step 6: Enter the recipients Email address and make sure it is the right one and correct
Step 7: Enter your Email address
Step 7: Click send.

This way you can send very large files to anyone.

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@elixirgraphics, @Fuellemann
I got the Mail Form to work. It was no longer necessary to send the project file. Nevertheless, thanks for your help guys. Sorry I took so long!