How to use pre built project files?

OK, I have downloaded the prebuilt projects, Embers and Spark…to try and start getting a handle on Foundry.
BUT the zip file just opens to a folder and not a project file - what am I doing wrong??

Sorry if there is an easy answer but I am not getting it - is the same with the project files that accompany the videos etc…
Please help me - someone!!
Thank you

Do you see a spark RW file and/or an ember RW file?

No, that’s why I am a bit stumped!! It just opens out to a folder no project file - weird!!

I can send them to you if you want, you can private message your email or write it here

Hi, not sure if I can PM, as only just signed up? Would be happy to receive the files, but to be honest doesn’t solve the problem as the other project files linked to video tutorials behave the same…probably would quite like to know what the problem is first…?

Haven’t had this problem before. I am still on rapid weaver 6, but don’t think that’s anything to do with it.
Can you tell me what happens when you download from the elixir site? I get them as a .zip file, which then opens to a folder when I double click, and no project file, just the ‘contents’

Am perhaps more interested in the solution…but let me know how I can pm you?

Once double clicked I get the Rapidweaver file. If you want to private message click on my avatar and the you will see a message button. I’m not by my Mac now, but after 12 EST I should be back and send the file. lm on RW7 don’t know if the project files are native RW 7 though

The pre-built project files require RapidWeaver 7 or newer. From your description it sounds as if you’re using RapidWeaver 6.

Hi, thanks for that - you put me out of my misery!! I will update to Rapidweaver 7 at some point but not right now, so will just be content watching your videos etc. Something to look forward to when I do upgrade!!
Having fun so far!!

Awesome! The videos are a good place to start. As is experimenting with the stacks. I’ll have more videos coming out later on as well.

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Hi, you could download RW7 and use it in demo mode and view the project files that way as long as you have stacks 3 and foundry installed as well

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