How to vertically center in Foundry 3?

Hello Foundriers :blush:
Simple question… How can I center vertically center a container in a page with Foundry3… I put container and a margin at the top, but it would be better if it could be centred between the top and the bottom of the page… Thank you

That’s a bit more complex than it may sound as the height of the page, and your content within, is always changing as what you’re building is a responsive website. That said, you can do so using the Container tool in Foundry 3. It has a Custom Container Sizing & Content Spacing settings section. These settings as an example should achieve what you want, based on your limited description in your original post:

Adam… your support is second to none… We are all lucky to have you… :star_struck:
Thank you… it works perfectly… And I’m glad my question was not that dummy :blush:

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