HTML in Type It stack

Is there any way to enter HTML into the Type It phrases?

Specifically, I am wanting to change text color within phrases and also include an mdash in a phrase.

If not, any chance of getting that, or some other method, to style individual words in phrases in a future update?

Thanks for all of your great work!

Good morning @rgibson

Have you given it a try? Experimenting is half the fun, right? Insert some of your own HTML and inline CSS and see what happens. :wink:

As for em-dashes – You can insert an em-dash into just about any text using Option-Shift-hyphen in text areas. Give it a shot, too.

Thanks, Adam. Here’s some advice — don’t ever get old. It just doesn’t pay. I searched through all of the documentation and couldn’t find anything to suggest that it might work, and had only tried entering "—" into the text, failing to put that into an inline style tag. It showed up the the editor window when in edit mode, but that obviously didn’t work so good in preview mode. Bottom line: I need to open my darned eyes and try things out first while paying attention.

Thank you very much for all that you do.

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Were you putting the — in quotes? If so the quotes are not needed. That code shoul work, in addition to the easier Option-Shift-hyphen. At least it does for me here.

This is an example using —:

CleanShot 2020-09-23 at 11.06.06

Either way, as long as you’re getting it to work that is all that matters.

I wasn’t putting the — in quotes. This first picture shows my screen in edit mode. You can see the text for phrase 1 over on the right. Notice the edit window shows the mdash was correctly displayed in edit mode.

Here is the same screen but in preview mode:

Note the bold tags in the Pre-Phrase text, working as it should.

Thanks for the reply. The Option-Shift-hyphen method worked great. You are correct, as long as it is working, that is all that matters.


Oh, I am sorry you were trying to use it in the Phrase. I see. My mistake. Yeah, it probably won’t work there because of the way the javascript library for TypeIt works. Glad you got it sorted.